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Our roadmap for 2013 shows the evolution of our tools and where we plan to go through the year.

We adapt our plans according to the feedback we hear from our customers, so please contact us if you have comments or suggestions. We offer T-shirts, licenses, and other freebies for interesting ideas.

Already a customer? Make sure your Support & Upgrades are valid before a new release comes out, so you get instant access to the latest versions of your tools.
Please note that plans detailed on this roadmap are subject to change.
Redgate SQL Developer Bundle (Aug 2013) full software download
Redgate SQL Developer Bundle
Our release schedule at a glance

Version 10.2 – use custom migrations scripts from the command line. Released
Version vNext – store an audit trail of past deployments. Due Q4 2013
SQL Source Control:
Version 3.1 – performance enhancements to the engine. Released
Version 3.2 – persistent user selections on the Commit tab. Released
Version 3.3 – check TFS Policies. Released
Version 3.4 – added customized options to link a database to Git, Mercurial, or a working folder, which means you can source control your database schema and static data in any version control system; performance improvements on the Commit and Get Latest tabs; ability to name migration scripts. Released
Version 3.5 – support for multiple SSMS instances; better support for TFS. Due Q3-Q4 2013
Version 4.0 – improved migrations feature that supports all version control systems (including Git and Mercurial) and works across branches. Due Q3-Q4 2013
Version 4.5 – under investigation

We’re actively monitoring our Suggestion Forum to help prioritize what we should work on next and would love to hear from you.
SQL Prompt:
SQL Prompt 6 EAP – EAP for the next major release, which adds extra functionality to boost productivity and a set of requested features and fixes. Released
SQL Prompt 6 (full release). Due Q3 2013
SQL Prompt 6.1. Due Q3-Q4 2013
Redgate SQL Developer Bundle (Aug 2013) full software download
SQL Doc 3 – further enhancements to SQL Server 2012 support and improved customizability to documentation. Due Q3 2013
SQL Data Generator 3 – support for cross-column dependencies and more realistic test data.
Due Q3-Q4 2013
SQL Test 2 – new SQL Cop tests, the latest version of the tSQLt framework, usability enhancements, improvements to Windows 8 support, and various bug fixes. Due Q4 2013
SQL Search 1.2 – productivity and usability enhancements, improvements to Windows 8 support, and various bug fixes. Due Q4 2013
SQL Packager 7 – support for SQL Server 2012 and assorted bug fixes. Released
SQL Comparison SDK 10 – support for SQL Server 2012 and Windows Azure SQL Database. Released
Continuous Integration and Deployment
Continuous Integration – The SQL Automation Pack to use Red Gate tools as part of your Continuous Integration process. Released
Deployment Manager – ASP.NET and database deployments.
Version 1.0 – initial release for ASP.NET deployments. Released
Version 1.1 – SQL Server Deployments. Released
Version 2.0 – full, simple automation of application and database deployments. Plus, permissions and a new, free edition. Released
Version 2.1 – All new responsive user interface, discoverability improvements for variables. Due Q3 2013
Version 2.2 – Improved permissions, Windows authentication. Due Q3 2013
Version 2.3 – Extended web.config transforms using variables, publish directly from source control.
Due Q3 2013
Version 2.4 – Database deployment options, extensibility improvements. Due Q3 2013
Redgate SQL Developer Bundle (Aug 2013) full software download
SQL Server Database Administration Tools
SQL Monitor
Version 3.0 – added custom metrics and alerts, extending monitoring to any measure available via T-SQL, and introduced basic access permissions. Released
Version 3.1 – navigation improvements to Alert Inbox. Released
Version 3.2 – launched the SQL Monitor metrics website containing a collection of custom metrics written by expert DBAs. Released
Version 3.3 – allowed multiple metrics to be viewed and compared, allowing correlations to be more easily spotted, and improved the content and formatting of alert emails. Released
Version 3.4 – reworked the analysis graphs to allow quick and flexible selection of time ranges, and the ability to compare against any other time period to identify unusual behaviors. Released
Version 3.5 – added automatic baselines to the analysis graphs, so you can quickly understand if a given metric is behaving normally. Released
Version 4.0 – improved performance diagnostics including wait stats at both the instance and per-query level. Due Q4 2013
SQL Backup Pro
Version 7.0 – addition of integrated, automated verification with scheduled restore + DBCC CHECKDB. Released
Version 7.1 – enhancements to Jobs tab and Activity History. Released
Version 7.2 – improvements to default naming for scheduled backups and reminder for Schedule Restore Jobs wizard. Released
Version 7.3 – quickly, easily and securely take your backups offsite into hosted storage. Released
Version 7.4 – improvements to the installation experience for users of SS2012. Released
.NET Developer Tools
.NET Profilers
ANTS Performance Profiler 8.0 – Now captures outgoing web request performance data, and offers async and WinRT support. Released
ANTS Performance Profiler 8.1 and 8.2 – Includes various bug fixes and adds support to .NET 4.5.1. Released
ANTS Memory Profiler 8.0 – With support for profiling your code’s use of unmanaged memory. Under development. Release due in Sep or Oct 2013.
ANTS Memory Profiler 7.4 re-release – With support for IE10. Released
Both profilers also now have a new add-in that supports Visual Studio 2013 Preview
.NET Reflector.
Version 8.0 – Improved the debugging workflow in Visual Studio, enabled rapid decompilation from call stack frames, introduced new search functionality, and improved performance. Released
Version 8.1 – Minor bug fixes and stability improvement. Released
Version 8.2 – Adds support for Visual Studio 2013 and .NET 4.5.1 and includes a new feature, namely Code Map view in Reflector Desktop which provides a zoomed-out view of the code you’re working with. Released
Version 6.8 contains support for portable class libraries, very large assemblies, and includes further improvements for WPF applications. Released
Version 1.0. Released
Oracle Tools
Schema Compare for Oracle
Version 3.0 – create and compare to a folder of .sql scripts representing the database. Released
Version 3.06 – support for materialized views and virtual columns. Released
Version 3.xx – support for table and column comments. Released
Version 3.xx – performance improvements. Released
Version 4.0 – Under investigation
Source Control for Oracle
Version 1.0 – supports Subversion and Team Foundation Server, and Oracle databases on 9i, 10g, 11g. Released
Version 1.xx – support for Materialised Views + Virtual Columns. Released
Version 1.xx – support for table and column comments. Released
Version 2.0 – lock and unlock objects on a shared development database. Due Q3 2013
Version 2.1 – Under investigation
Data Compare for Oracle
Version 2.1 – support for BLOB & CLOB data types. Released
Version 3.0 – Under investigation

SQL Server Development Tools
Redgate SQL Developer Bundle (Aug 2013) full software download
SQL Compare

SQL Compare 10.2, released earlier in 2013, has brought enhancements for SQL Server 2012. It also lets you use the command line to run custom migration scripts, enabling the use of SQL Compare as part of a Continuous Integration process.

SQL Compare vNext, planned for Q4 2013, will provide the ability to store and review an audit trail of historical deployments. We will provide further information about this release in Q3 2013.
SQL Source Control

SQL Source Control 3.4 now supports all version control systems by linking to a working folder. This option also enables atomic commits with application code. We also have custom options for Git and Mercurial and have improved performance over the past few releases. We now check TFS policies, which allows you to require comments when you commit or associate commits to TFS Work Items. We also now support TFS 2012, Team Foundation Service, and Vault 6.1.

Currently, we’re investigating enhanced migrations functionality to support all version control systems (including Git and Mercurial) and work across branches. The team is also investigating other areas such as better TFS integration, enhanced branching and merging support, and several other requests from our users. We’re actively monitoring our Suggestion Forum to help prioritize what we should work on next and would love to hear from you.
SQL Prompt

For SQL Prompt 6, we’re focusing on the features that were most requested by our users, productivity-boosting functionality, and bug fixes.
Features requested by users

We’ll be providing support for connections to Windows Azure SQL Database.

SQL Prompt 6 will have synonym support, including suggesting columns from a synonym’s base object.

It will also enable you to customize SQL Prompt’s formatting to indent text using tab characters or a mixture of tab and space characters.

Additionally, we’ll be working on a range of usability enhancements to copying and pasting in SQL Server Management Studio. SQL Prompt 6.1 will include enhanced support for SQL Server 2012.
Productivity-boosting features

We’ll be integrating SQL Tab Magic into SQL Prompt. SQL Tab Magic lets you reopen tabs in SQL Server Management Studio that you had closed previously, and search and preview open tabs, or ones that were previously closed. You can also give closed tabs meaningful names to make them easier to locate in future.

SQL Prompt 6 will let you specify a custom path in snippets, making it much easier to share snippets in a team.

Support for suggesting CLR objects, improvements to XML function handling, and new placeholders for $PASTE$, $DATE$, $SERVER$, and $DBNAME$ are in our planned work for SQL Prompt 6, too.

SQL Prompt 6.1 will include tSQLt snippets to boost productivity if you’re working with the tSQLt unit testing framework and SQL Test.
Bug fixes

We’ll be including various bug fixes, including stability fixes for Windows 8 and JOIN clause enhancements.
SQL Prompt 6 EAP

If you’d like to try out the new features and fixes as they are developed, join the SQL Prompt 6 Early Access Program (EAP).

We’re also actively monitoring our Suggestion Forum to help prioritize what we should work on next and would love to hear from you.

New functionality that will make it easier to customize generated documentation and fixes to provide compatibility with SQL Server 2012.
SQL Data Generator

We will be providing support for cross-column dependencies and making generated data even more realistic.
SQL Test

We will be adding new SQL Cop tests to SQL Test, in addition to the latest version of the tSQLt framework. We will also be making a usability change to ensure that an expanded or collapsed tree persists in the same state after a reload/refresh. Enhancements to Windows 8 support, in addition to various bug fixes, are planned for 2013 too.
SQL Search

Planned work for SQL Search includes the ability to explore an object straight from the results grid. This should save you time when you want to alter an object in a new tab.

We plan to provide support for increasing the number of results returned by SQL Search, in addition to some usability enhancements to the preview window.

Windows 8 support and assorted bug fixes are planned for the next release too.
SQL Packager

We released version 7 in Q3 2013, introducing support for SQL Server 2012, in addition to assorted bug fixes.
SQL Comparison SDK

We released a new version of the SQL Comparison SDK earlier in 2013, with support for SQL Server 2012 and Windows Azure SQL Database.
Continuous Integration and Deployment
Continuous Integration

With the SQL Automation Pack, you can run the tools from the SQL Developer Bundle on your build server, bringing your database into your Continuous Integration process.
Deployment Manager

We’ve just released version 2 of Deployment Manager, which allows developers, DBAs, and DevOps teams to create and manage repeatable and reliable deployments of their ASP.NET applications and database updates.

Version 2.0 includes:

Permissions, for granular control over which users are able to deploy to which environments.
An SSMS packager plugin so that users who aren’t doing Continuous Integration can create database packages for Deployment Manager from within SSMS.

We’re aiming to release version 2.1 with an all new responsive user interface and discoverability improvements for variables this summer.

Get more details on upcoming features, and see our thoughts on delivering software at the Deployment Manager Blog.
SQL Server Database Administration Tools
SQL Monitor

A big part of understanding performance problems comes down to looking at the performance metrics that SQL Server surfaces. It’s particularly valuable to be able to see when there’s a change in the usual pattern of those metrics.

In the first half of 2013 we’ve been working to improve the analysis graphs in SQL Monitor. We made it possible to look at multiple metrics at the same time, helping you to diagnose problems by seeing correlated information together (v3.3, released Mar 2013). We then added the ability to pan and zoom the graphs, so that finding interesting periods became as easy as dragging with a mouse. Next, we made it simple to compare metrics with their behavior in the past, such as the previous day or week, helping you quickly understand if the current activity is normal for your server when compared to those baselines (v3.4, released May 2013).

In v3.5, released July 2013, we extended the functionality of the baselines so that they’re calculated from multiple previous time ranges, making full use of the data SQL Monitor has collected for you. This gives you a really accurate view not only of past behavior, but also how it has varied over time.

Next up we’ll be tackling performance diagnostics, improving on what’s already there and introducing wait stats. These will be available at an instance level and also per-query, helping you to drill down and understand why things are running slowly on your server. The first release in this area is due in Q4 2013.

At the same time we’ve continued to fix and improve the application in smaller ways, such as improving the content of our alert emails.

We’re always interested in what else you’d like us to improve, so if you have any features you’d like to see, you can let us know through the SQL Monitor UserVoice forum.
SQL Backup Pro

In 2013 we’re taking your backups to the next level, by enabling you to safeguard them in hosted storage. In Q1 we released SQL Backup Pro 7.3, featuring the ability to quickly, simply, and securely upload and store a copy of your backups in the cloud, protecting your data from onsite disaster. With 7.3 and a Hosted Storage account you can upload your backups to the cloud, manage them online and download them when you need to restore.

In Q2 we released 7.4, improving the installation experience for SQL Backup Pro users on SQL Server 2012.

SQL Backup Pro 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2 were all released in 2012. New features in version 7 include integrated backup verification and scheduled restores. We’ve made the necessary, but tedious, task of verification a whole lot easier, so it becomes a natural part of the backup process. Version 7 also supports SQL Server 2012.
.NET Tools
.NET Profilers
ANTS Performance Profiler

It’s likely that performance is becoming ever more important for your applications, so ANTS Performance Profiler is not just keeping up-to-date with new technologies, but pushing back the technological barriers to solving your performance problems.

ANTS Performance Profiler 8 is now out. We recommend taking a look if you are:

Writing async code
Developing or maintaining web applications, particularly ones backed by a database or which use web service layers
Developing Windows Store Apps

ANTS Performance Profiler 8 is the first .NET profiler to show you correct continuations of code after async calls. Not only does this simplify troubleshooting performance, but functional code issues as well. Visualizing call stacks across thread boundaries is especially useful for Windows Store Apps (aka WinRT/Metro-style/Modern), and for any applications with asynchronous I/O.

ANTS Performance Profiler 8 also continues a line of development started in version 7.0 of the tool. It will show you the performance of database calls, and the code that generated them, as well as showing you the same information for all outgoing web requests. With this information to hand, you’ll be getting a comprehensive starting point to identify the subsystem with the bottlenecks.

These features are unlikely to be the first that you’ll notice, with the obvious visual differences to the timeline and the startup screen to make things even easier and faster for you. Our most popular performance counters are much easier to find and use, and we have improved the way you can zero-in on problem areas of your code.
ANTS Memory Profiler

There’s a version 8 in the works, expected for release in Q3 2013. You can join the ANTS Memory Profiler 8 Beta program now, though.

ANTS Memory Profiler is already up-to-date for released .NET platforms and frameworks, so version 8 will add the most requested features (e.g. unmanaged memory profiling) and help you to find and solve even the trickiest memory issues.

Version 7.4 (released in April 2012) added a few usability enhancements and bug fixes, while version 7.3 (released in March 2011) added support for profiling websites in IIS Express and SharePoint.

.NET Reflector

We released .NET Reflector 8.0 in January 2013. Version 8 included improvements to the core debugging workflows, making it easier to find lines of code and follow the flow of data through third-party libraries as you debug. Search functionality was improved in the desktop and Visual Studio extension tools, making it easier to access the debugging functionality in Visual Studio.

Version 8.1 was released in May 2013. This was a minor patch release addressing a couple of bugs and improving stability in Visual Studio. And version 8.2 adds support for Visual Studio 2013 and .NET 4.5.1 whilst adding a new feature in Reflector Desktop: the Code Map. Find out more on the .NET Reflector blog.
.NET Reflector is up to date on all released .NET platforms, including Windows 8 (.NET and WinRT) and .NET 4.5 and .NET 4.5.1.

In SmartAssembly, we’ve been extending the number of application types supported and making our obfuscation even smarter. The most recent release, SmartAssembly 6.8 (May 2013), contains support for portable class libraries, improved support for very large assemblies, and further improvements for WPF applications, now hitting the optimal level of obfuscation and pruning.

SmartAssembly 6.7 (released in May 2012) added improved support for WPF. You can now merge dependencies containing WPF and, in some cases, the WPF code will be obfuscated where it would not have been obfuscated in previous versions.

SmartAssembly 6.6 (released in January 2012) enhanced obfuscation for the Developer and Professional licenses with a new option called ‘Method Parent Obfuscation’. This moves methods around in your code by changing the class they are in, making it harder to understand how methods and classes relate to each other.

We are proud to support the Glimpse Open Source project, which gives you a client-side view of your web server. Without leaving your browser, you can see information about your server environment and execution. If you are using one of the plugins, you can get even more detailed information from frameworks and libraries including MVC, Elmah, RavenDB, FluentSecurity, and an ever-increasing number of others.

Glimpse shipped their long-awaiting version 1 in February 2013 and the team is keeping busy committing code every other day whilst preparing their next big feature. Check out Scott Hanselman’s blog post on how to debug your ASP.NET MVC application with Glimpse.

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