Download Weightmania Pro 3.0 | Free Software Cracked available for instant download

Download Weightmania Pro 3.0 | Free Software Cracked available for instant download

Weightmania Pro 3.0
Weightmania Pro 3.0

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Weightmania Pro 3.0 Download

Weightmania Pro 3.0
Weightmania Pro 3.0

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Weightmania Pro 3.0
Weightmania Pro 3.0

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Weightmania Pro 3.0
Weightmania Pro 3.0

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Weightmania Pro 3.0
Weightmania Pro 3.0



Weightmania Pro 3.0
Weightmania Pro 3.0

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Weightmania Pro 3.0
Weightmania Pro 3.0

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Weightmania is a tool designed to track and analyze workouts, meals, meals, dieting progress, medical information and much more.

This version was specifically designed for Mac OS X. It supports cardio. and weight training, accommodates any workout or diet plan, and tracks multiple people. Weightmania allows you to visualize your progress, judge the effectiveness of workouts and diets, helping you to reach your goals sooner.

Designed for:
·  Individuals, families and friends – track progress, share information and stay motivated.
· Personal trainers – monitor multiple clients at the same time.
· Military, police and fire departments – improve training and manage large groups.
· Gyms and fitness centers – keep members motivated (can be used on public terminals).
· Hospitals, schools and companies – get people interested in fitness & reduce healthcare costs.

Main features:

  • Major Benefits:
  • Maximize your diet and workouts, lose or gain weight faster!
  • When you keep a journal, you’re almost twice as likely to reach your goals.
  • Motivates you to exercise and eat healthy.
  • Helps you reach goals sooner.
  • Keeps you organized.
  • Makes it easy to stick to any diet or workout routine.
  • Know if your diet and workouts are effective.
  • Easily track and visualize progress.
  • Prevents you from missing and duplicating workouts.
  • Faster and more accurate than paper logs.
  • Track Cardio and Weight Training Workouts:
  • Great for any type of cardio, especially running, walking and cycling.
  • Record multiple weight training and cardiovascular workouts per day.
  • Track average, resting and maximum heart rate.
  • Track the difficulty of each workout and how you felt.
  • Track weather conditions, routes, injuries and equipment.
  • Track up to 100 splits per workout.
  • Create and save predefined workouts (programs); enter future workouts in one mouse-click.
  • Print weight training programs that you can take to the gym.
  • Track equipment use (such as mileage on running shoes).
  • Know when to replace running shoes, bicycle tires and clothing.
  • Calculates calories burned for hundreds of exercises and activities.
  • Includes nearly 400 exercises (also let’s you add an unlimited number of new ones).
  • Record Meals, Nutrients, Supplements and Special diets:
  • Track daily calories, protein, carbs, fat, sugar, sodium, cholesterol, fiber and water consumption.
  • Also track servings, food groups and points (for diet plans that use them).
  • Use drag and drop to enter food fast (drag and drop multiple foods at the same time).
  • “Favorites list” conveniently stores the foods you eat most often.
  • Includes an 8,000 food USDA database (newest available with 50 nutrients per food).
  • Provides 14,000 serving sizes (standard food weights, sizes and portions).
  • Add an unlimited number of custom foods.
  • Lookup foods and add their nutrients together (add nutrients for up to 25 foods at a time).
  • Determine the total nutrients in any meal or recipe.
  • Record and manage an unlimited number of recipes.
  • Manage and store a grocery list (calculates total cost plus includes section for coupons).
  • Create predefined meals (programs); in the future, enter meals for an entire day in one click.
  • Calculates daily calories burned from exercise and BMR (the calories you burn at rest).
  • Shows daily nutrients broken down by meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks).
  • Easily compare daily nutrients to daily goals.
  • Monitor Up to 24 Measurements:
  • Track all of the essential measurements including heart rate, body fat, and BMI.
  • Precisely track your body weight.
  • Track up to 7 body fat caliper measurements.
  • Copy last recorded measurements to the current day in one click.
  • Instantly shows you the change between current and last measurements entered.
  • Manage Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar (Diabetes), Cholesterol, Sleep and More:
  • Track blood pressure and pulse rate.
  • Track and analyze daily sleep patterns.
  • Track cholesterol (total, HGL, LDL and triglycerides).
  • Track blood sugar and medication up to eight times per day (for diabetes).
  • Print this information and share it with your doctor.
  • View Progress with Reports, Charts, Statistics and Calendars:
  • Create line, bar, area, pie and moving average graphs.
  • Compare data on multiple graphs simultaneously.
  • Zoom feature lets you enlarge graphs up to ten times.
  • Create comprehensive reports in text or Web (HTML) format.
  • Full size color-coded calendar for viewing data by month and year.
  • Calculates minimums, maximums, averages and totals for all data.
  • Summarizes information by week and month.
  • Calculates total weight lifted by muscle group, for any date range.
  • Calculates maximum weight lifted for each exercise, for any date range.
  • Calculates mileage, number of uses and use time for equipment (like running shoes).
  • Counts workouts, courses and routes you ran, days missed, etc.
  • Filter lets you view specific types of workouts on graphs and charts.
  • Store Digital Photos:
  • Visually track your progress over time.
  • Store up to 40 full color photos for any calendar day.
  • Automatically arranges photos in an album format.
  • Lets you add text descriptions below each photo.
  • Easily resize, rotate and print any image (flawlessly resizes any photo).
  • Store maps of courses and routes, race day photos, and digital charts.
  • Import maps created with most GPS mapping applications.
  • Import, Export and Share Data:
  • Export databases to a single compressed ZIP file that can be e-mailed.
  • Import one or more databases from a single compressed ZIP file.
  • Easily share databases between clients and other Weightmania® users.
  • Share predefined meals (programs), custom food databases and more.
  • Easily import data from Weightmania Mobile® (our Palm Pilot version).
  • General Information:
  • Record data whenever you want (daily entry is not required).
  • Every field is optional (you don’t have to enter everything shown in our sample screens).
  • Can be customized for each user.
  • Uses familiar spreadsheets and easy forms.
  • Supports Metric and English (can be used internationally).
  • Cut, copy and paste everything (workouts, meals, tables, tabs, text, forms and more).
  • Paste tables and data directly into other applications like Excel.
  • Ample space for recording personal diary and daily notes.
  • Each user can select from five background colors.
  • Navigate fast with color-coded calendars.
  • Support for workout and event planning.
  • Automatically reminds you of planned activities.
  • Powerful search finds previously entered information fast.
  • Print any chart, table, report or screen.
  • Reorder and resize any table column (remembers each user’s settings).
  • Provides labeled muscle chart for reference.
  • Provides detailed information about the new food pyramid.
  • Password protection available for each user (keeps your data private).
  • Built-in, easy to use help system (uses familiar Web page format).
  • Automatically backs up/restores data (maintains up to 7 previous backups for each user).

Verification ensures that the product is built in compliance with requirements,
specifcatiile and standards specified. Validation ensures that the product will be used on
Implementation of a software product is teamwork of a number
large software developers often in different locations (eg different countries).
Thus it is necessary to use methods of implementation of the software. One
the software deployment method is a systematic approach
structured to effectively integrate basic software service or a component
structure of the whole product.
Quality software is given by certain characteristics that were
above. For a product to be considered as necessary
compliance with certain rules of implementation.

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